The Björketorp Monument - Codes

When the 168 runes of stones A, B and C are arranged in a matrix with 12 runes per row in 14 rows, then several coded words become possible to see. In the following matrix the runes have been replaced by the corresponding Latin letters.

Aron ha eduth - The ark of the witness

In the very center of the matrix it is possible to read "Aron ha eduth", which means nothing less than the ark of the witness, also known as the ark of the covenant in the Bible! The codes indicate that the ark is located "al nbo", meaning on Mount Nebo.

Furthermore the codes of the matrix indicate that the ark is located in the direction towards Aroer not far from Dibon. These were cities located to the east of the Dead Sea.

Yaakob, Yisrael and Yehuda

Starting with the same j rune, all the names Yaakob, Yisrael and Yehuda are also coded in the matrix:

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