The Geometry of the Björketorp Monument

The main part of the Björketorp monument consists of three erected stones or menhirs. Together they form a triangle whose sides are approximately 7.7, 7.7 and 5.3 meters. The western edge of the top of the highest stone, the so called Björketorp or Listerby stone, which can be called Stone A, is located in the symmetry axis of the triangle and it is approximately 4 meters high above ground. The other two stones are approximately 3 meters high each. These dimensions are consistent with the fact that the runic inscription and several other inscribed signs on the monument are Semitic.

When the Björketorp monument was constructed, a cubit of approximate length 43.9 cm was used. This cubit is consistent with the ancient Hebrew cubit, which according to some sources was around 44 cm.

The ground level dimensions of the main part of the Björketorp monument in principle look like the following, as given in ancient Hebrew cubits:

The Geometry of the Monument in relation to the North-South and East-West axises defines directions to Mount Sinai, Jerusalem and Mount Nebo!!

An examination of the monument's orientation in relation to the quarters reveals that this corner together with the outer corner of stone B, defines a bearing of approximately 146.74, as far as the direction pointing out from the monument is concerned. Now, approximately 146.74 happens to be also the bearing towards Mount Sinai from the geographic location of the Bjrketorp monument! Because the approximate coordinates of Mount Sinai are latitude 28 31' North and longitude 33 57' East. One direction that is clearly defined by the Bjrketorp monument is therefore pointing in the direction of Mount Sinai, since the outer corner of the middle stone together with the area s corner, that is adjacent to this middle stone, are defining a direction that agrees with the most straight direction towards Mount Sinai when traveling on the earth's surface!

To the west and to the north of the main ground level area is a row of stones, which has a bearing of 100 exactly, and which points to the westernmost corner of stone A. A clearly defined point in this row of stones is where the north-south axis, that goes through the western-most point of the main monument, hits it. This north-south-axis and the row of stones and the border of the main monument together define a triangle with corners of approximately 42.121 , 57.879 and exactly 80 respectively. If this triangle is cut through the corner formed by the row of stones and the north-south axis in such a way that a congruent triangle is formed in the north-eastern part, then the cutting line has a bearing of approximately 142.121, meaning that the smallest angle between the north-south axis and this line is about 180 142.121 = 37.879, which is very close to arctan(0.7779). It therefore looks like the direction towards Jerusalem is also given by the orientation of the monument itself in addition to the direction towards Mount Sinai!

The "Jerusalem line" and the "Mount Sinai line" converge at a point located to the north-west of the monument. A third line can be drawn from the same origin to the point where the line, that is a mirror line to the "Mount Sinai line" as mirrored in area s around its axis of symmetry, crosses the east side of area s. This third line has a bearing of approximately 141 26' 39", and this bearing points towards the western slopes of Mount Nebo!

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