Scandinavian Secrets - The Hebrew Code of the Runes

Runic Script Written in the Hebrew Language!

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Scandinavian Secrets proves Ancient Hebrew Migrations to Scandinavia from Linguistic Evidence and Archaeological Finds in general along with an analysis of Hidden Messages in Runic Inscriptions.

This work contains exclusive information found no-where else! The content of this book includes scientific evidence! Fully Illustrated. Runic Examples explained! Archaeological Evidence. Order Now!

This work proves that in ancient times Israelites settled in Scandinavia. The author summarizes previous studies that proves this point from archaeological and related historical research. Previous studies that linked Scandinavian Languages and scripts to those of the Middle East are summarized and explained. The author then discusses runic inscriptions from a variety of sites and implements. The background history of these examples along with a complete physical description is given in detail. Photographs and illustrations by the author using sophisticated scientific techniques enable the reader to participate in the decipherment. It is shown in this work how Runic Inscriptions are similar in form and appearance to scripts known in the Ancient Middle East. It is explained and proven step by step how the earliest examples of runic script, and especially those of southeast Sweden, were actually written in the Hebrew Language or in Aramaic or in a mixture of Aramaic and Hebrew. Aramaic is similar to Hebrew. Aramaic words are found in the Hebrew Bible. A few of the Biblical Books were written in Aramaic and there were Hebrew Tribes who spoke the Aramaic Language before their exile by the Assyrians. Örjan Svensson shows how the Israelite authors of the Runic Inscriptions incrypted messages within their script that scientifically prove their Hebrew origins! "Scandinavian Secrets. The Hebrew Code of the Runes" by Örjan Svensson has 280 large-scale pages, an Introduction by Yair Davidiy, detailed illustrations and unique photographs taken by the author on site, and an Index. The Content is extremely important and most of the information is not available elsewhere. Buy now!

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Did the Old Futhark Used in Scandinavia Originate in the Middle East?
    • Are there Runes on the Seal of Baruch?
    • Runes are Present on the Heshbon Ostraca Too!
    • Old Futhark Runes were Introduced in America by Ancient Israelites!
    • The Ancient Mass Migration of Israelites into Europe in Part Explains the Presence of Old Futhark Runes there!
    • Similarities between Hebrew and Swedish
    • The Sounds and the Numerical Values of the Old Futhark (Uthark) Runes
    • Summary of Main Israelite Migrations that Brought Runes to Scandinavia
  • The Istaby Stone
    • Hidden Word Israel
  • The Tjurk Bracteats
    • Is Israel Coded in the Inscription of Tjurk Bracteat I as Well?
    • Tjurk Bracteat II
    • Combination of the Tjurk I Matrix with the Runes of Tjurk II gives a Code for the Israelite Tabernacle!
  • The Senoren Stone
    • Is Jerusalem Coded in the Inscription of the Senoren Stone?
  • The Stentoften Stone
    • Hebrew and Aramaic
    • Seven
    • Ten
    • Hidden words - Gad and the names of his sons
    • Hidden words - Israel, Jerusalem and more
    • The dimensions of the Stentoften stone
    • The Hebrew cubit of the Stentoften stone
  • The Bjrketorp or Galta Monument
    • The volume standing on area s
    • The Dimensions of Stone B
    • The Front Surface of Stone A
    • The Volumes in Front of Stone A
    • The Volume of Stone A and of the Whole Monument Except Stone D
    • The Dimensions of the Monument Most Certainly Enable a Reconstruction of the Whole Ancient Israelite Volume Measurement System!
    • The Bjrketorp Monument Provides a Key to the Numbers of Numbers!
    • More Remarkable Relations to the Number of Israelites in Numbers 2-3
    • The Location of the Bjrketorp Monument in Relation to Jerusalem
    • The Directions towards Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Mount Nebo are all given by the Monument!
    • Six Extraordinary Triangles
    • More Parallels in the Numbers of Numbers
    • The Runic Inscription of stones A, B and C
    • Hebrew and Aramaic
    • Seven
    • Ten
    • 37
    • All of the Tribes of Israel are Coded in the Bjrketorp Inscription!!
    • Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel and Joseph are coded as well!!
    • 37 is Present in Several Other Ways Also!
    • The Incredible Sum of All Coded Patriarch and Tribe Names
    • Does the Bjrketorp Monument Provide a Key to the Dimensions of the Whole Earth as Expressed in Hebrew Units?
    • Does the Bjrketorp Monument Point Out the Exact Place where the Ark of the Covenant is Located Today?
    • The Volume of the Ark of the Covenant
    • Additional Codes
    • Additional Runes are Present on One of the Stones in the Row with 100 Bearing!
    • Geometrical Properties of the Whole Ground Level Area
    • The Ultimate Runic Israel Code The Code of Jerusalem, Canaan, Asher & Gad, heart & soul, God and Israel
    • Hieroglyphs and linear A
    • The Hebrew Code of the Full 26x 11 Matrix of all Hieroglyphs, Linear A and Runes
    • 12055.077 the Ultimate Sum of the Whole Monument?
    • The Numbers of the Ark in the Numbers of Bjrketorp
    • Additional Encodings of the Ark, Jerusalem and More
    • Does the location of the ark indicated by Bjrketorp agree with the Copper Scroll found at Qumran?
  • The Incredible Monument in Asarum
    • Runes of the Monument's Biggest Stone
  • The Big Rdeby Stone
    • Coded Words and Messages of the Inscription
  • Runic Israel Codes from Ukraine to Norway
    • The Kowel Spear-Head
    • One of the Nordendorf Brooches
    • The Nvling Brooch
    • The Short Gallehus Horn
    • The Noleby Stone
    • The By-hellen Inscription
    • The Tune Stone
  • Israel was Coded in Anglo-Saxon Runes Too!
  • The Runic Cipher of the Long Gallehus Horn
    • Conclusion
  • The Rk Stone and the Transition from Semitic to Germanic
  • Questions and Answers
  • Appendix A The Hebrew Alphabet
  • Appendix B Geometry of Israel's Tribes
  • Appendix C The Hebrew Dimensions of the Giza Pyramids
  • Appendix D Bjrketorp and the Ark in the Bible Code
  • Appendix E Connections with English Measures
  • Appendix F The Hjortsberga Monument
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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